Ready Mix Concrete In Modesto 

Ready Mix Construction

Concrete is an extremely versatile building material and as a result, it’s used and all sorts of applications throughout the world. Due to the high demand and wide application for concrete, mixing methods have evolved over time. Today, we have ready-mix concrete which can be mixed to the specifications of your job and results in a quality result that’s highly durable. 

Whether you are building a new driveway or another concrete structure around your home, ready-mix concrete might be the ideal option for your project. Reach out to A1 Concrete Modesto today for a free quote and we can help you decide on the best materials for your project and budget.

What Is Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready-mix concrete is concrete that is blended for specific job requirements. The manufacturers mix the concrete in the factory and then deliver that concrete mixture to the job site. Generally, it’s transported in an in-transit mixer or barrel truck which you have probably seen on the road.

When ready-mix concrete is being made, the manufacturers use high-quality raw materials to create a concrete that is designed specifically for the customer’s requirements. In doing this, they can ensure that the end result will be both durable and sustainable. There are three popular types of ready-mix concrete:

  • Transit mixed concrete: All ingredients get mixed during transport 
  • Shrink mixed concrete: Partially mixed at the plant and then in transit 
  • Central-mixed concrete: Mixed prior to loading into the truck

What Can Ready Mix Concrete Be Used For

Ready-mix concrete can be used for a variety of applications because it is mixed for the job requirements. One of the most common areas where you will see ready-mix concrete used is in foundations. Both homes and commercial buildings often use ready-mix concrete because it is highly durable and can withstand large loads. Additionally, ready-mix concrete can be used for driveways, sidewalks, patios, retaining walls, and any other areas where pavement is difficult to install.

Benefits Of Ready Mix Concrete

There are quite a few benefits to using ready-mix concrete including: 


Manufacturers maintain strict control over material testing, process parameters, and ensure the entire process needs quality standards at all times.

Custom Mixtures

The mix can be tailored for your specific project allowing flexibility in the application while producing a durable result.  

Less Dust Pollution

Because the ready-mix concrete shows up to the job site already mixed, there is less dust and noise pollution.


Because ready-mix concrete is mixed at the manufacturing plant, it requires less on-site labor. Buying the concrete in bulk is also cheaper than purchasing raw materials individually.


Ready-mix concrete is mixed to the specifications of the job and has been time-tested to ensure the results are always long-lasting.

The Best Ready-Mix Concrete Contractors In Modesto, CA

Are you considering the options for your new concrete project? Contact the professionals at A1 Concrete in Modesto. Our team has years of experience in all facets of concrete work including extensive experience with ready-mix concrete. We offer free, transparent quotes and are always happy to walk you through both your quote and the process of building your new structure. Further, our professionals always go above and beyond with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call today to get started. 


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